Jenni Osborn

From Isolation to Community

Telling the story of youth work in the covid era, across many different contexts – Jenni’s new book is available to buy on Amazon now.

GOOD NEWS, Jenni is currently taking on mentoring clients, in particular if you’re a youth worker who is struggling to cope with the current workload!

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Jenni Osborn Training and Mentoring Support Faith Community

I am passionate about supporting those who support our young people – whether that’s youth workers, parent or carers.

I offer 1:1 mentoring online to those who need to make changes to their working practices in order to keep doing what they love in youth work.

If you’re exhausted and stressed I can help you change your working practices to avoid burn out and continue to do the job you love.

Creating a valuable space for one to one conversation that enables clarity of thought, letting off steam and encouragement to take the next step towards living a healthy, well-balanced life.

This is practice supervision for youth and children’s workers in Churches or working for other organisations. For those with a faith, and those without.

Online sessions, once a month. Limited spaces available

Delivering training, online or in person, in Mental Health and Young People particularly related to Church contexts.

1 in 4 people will experience mental illness over their lifetime and for many this is related to events from childhood. I deliver training that looks at causes, signs and what help and support we can give our children and young people to help you as a youth or children’s worker, parent or carer to feel better equipped to understand the obstacles faced by your young people.  


From Isolation to Community

Telling the story of youth work in the covid era, across many different contexts – Jenni’s new book is available to buy on Amazon now.

Grove Books in the Youth Series: Mental Health and Young People, written by Jenni.

“there is increased recognition in secular and sacred spheres that we are both body and soul. And as the very engine that drives our bodies, if the brain is unwell, we are unwell. This timely guide examines how mental health can impact youth work…”

To purchase go to the Grove Book website here.

Jenni also currently writes a regular Schools Work column for Youth and Children’s Work Magazine. Find out more more by visiting the publications page.

Sam Puttick

In the time I have known Jenni through my training and Diploma with CYM, she has been amazing! I would highly recommend and am extremely grateful to her for the support she has been to me.

Josh Amott

Having known Jenni for a number of years through CYM we were really pleased she was able to deliver online training to our group of youth workers in the south east baptist group. The training was on mental health, it was insightful, professional and brilliantly delivered (online training via Zoom was a first for us all). Would fully recommend anyone seeking training to get in touch with Jenni

Wanda Bernard
Emmanuel Church / Gravesend

Jenni has the knack to evaluate your situation and support you to make adjustments and changes to move forward.  She is insightful and creative in her approach to mentoring.  She has helped me recognise where I was stuck and facilitated a change process to help me adjust how I work.  I feel so much more valued in my work and in my work relationships.

Rachael Newham
Founding Director / ThinkTwice

Jenni is an excellent communicator with both extensive knowledge and experience in youth work. She brings that knowledge and a pastoral heart to everything she delivers, I wholeheartedly commend her and her work to you!

James Fawcett
Think Tank Facilitator / Concrete Youth Work

Jenni, is great…she is engaging and knowledgeable when training, but this is balanced with diligence, thoughtful presentation and considerate in her inclusion of the learners. I highly commend her work and character. You will not regret you decision to work with Jenni!

I’ve worked alongside Jenni for many years, and have always admired her passion and commitment to see positive transformation in the lives of young people. She has a breadth of experience in understanding and responding to the needs of vulnerable young people in a variety of settings, and her warm and engaging style make her a powerful asset to any school or organisation seeking to motivate and equip their staff.

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