Jenni Osborn

For Organisations

How much are you aware of your youth worker struggling at the moment? You may feel that you don’t really have the time to help them, or you might be aware that you are not actually the right person to help with the challenges they are facing.  

This is where I can help as an experienced, independent youth worker with a track record of supporting those training to become qualified youth workers, both in faith-based youth worker roles and in other contexts.  


I have two packages on offer for those who employ youth workers – watch the videos below to find out more.

Client Feedback

Jenni helped me recognise where I was stuck and facilitated a change process that has helped me adjust how I work – W

Being able to chat through ideas, the good things and the struggles with someone outside of my immediate context is so valuable, not just for the sake of offloading it but having you to actually help guide me through it – J