Jenni Osborn


From Isolation to Community

Telling the story of youth work in the covid era, across many different contexts – Jenni’s new book is available to buy on Amazon now.

Jenni Talks

A series of podcasts.

Making positive and inspirational connections with others, encouraging each of us to find our passion and live life well.

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Grove Books in the Youth Series: Mental Health and Young People, written by Jenni.

“there is increased recognition in secular and sacred spheres that we are both body and soul. And as the very engine that drives our bodies, if the brain is unwell, we are unwell. This timely guide examines how mental health can impact youth work…”

To purchase go to the Grove Book website here.

Schools Work Articles

Since August 2017 Jenni has written a regular article for Youth and Children’s Work Magazine on schools work. Having began her working career in secondary school and then moved into Christian Schools Work, eventually leading a professional qualification in schools work for SchoolsWorkUK, it has been an exciting opportunity to support readers of the magazine with their schools work practice. Below is a selection of articles from the magazine.

If you’d like training in good schools work practice then get in touch using the contact form or the social media buttons.