Jenni Osborn

Back to school

New Beginnings

It’s the night before the beginning of the new school year and I can’t sleep. September has always felt more like the beginning of a new year for me than January, I guess it has to do with working in and around education for most of my working life. But it’s also to do with the abrupt change of season – after a long summer break with my boys (and this year, well you don’t need me to tell you what a long, strange, hot and bothersome ‘break’ it has been!) Autumn arrives and with it a significant shift in my head. My planning head kicks into gear, a hangover from teaching days and youth work rotas and here I am at 2am with a brain that’s buzzing with new possibilities. 

Many of you will have noticed that I have changed the focus of my work recently, from training over to 1-2-1 mentoring and with this comes a change of ‘shopfront’ both on social media and in website form. This time I’m paying someone to design something for me because I came across Lucy from Wild Tree Digital and like her approach. I’ve been asked to look into domain names and it’s one of this details that feels important to get right! I’ll end up, no doubt, going with something that’s easy to say & spell. But on the list was one that really caught my eye, in amongst the etc was 

It made me smile because I like to think that someone coming to me for mentoring or indeed facilitating workshops is going to get something that’s unique to me: my Jenni-Ness. Noone else is Jenni like I am, it’s God – given, it’s the uniqueness of every human being, their personality, history, experiences and DNA all coming together in one person who is body, mind and spirit. 

What makes up my Jenni-Ness? Well it’s not easy to define fully but here are a few things that make me who I am:

Friendly & approachable

Good at listening & being a sounding board

Quick to learn

An encourager

A catalyst for change


Gentle, kind, empathic

Reflective, reliable, hospitable

A teacher

A youth worker

A mental health advocate

What about you? How might you begin to describe yourself, the essence of who you are?

If you want to start something new this year, if you’re stuck in a rut or exhausted by all the added expectations of lockdown, it just need something to change, I can help you. 

One to one mentoring sessions once a month for 6 months. £40 per session, this might be covered by you or by the organisation you work for as part of your CPD for the year. 

Get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to book a free chemistry chat to get started on your new beginning!