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Christmas Stress

Christmas Stress Some years ago I wrote a blog post entitled ‘Christmas isn’t Easy’ that looking back seems to reveal more about my own chaotic life than perhaps I’d realised. Here’s an excerpt from that post: “If you’re like me you’ve read that title and practically spat out your tea/coffee/wine/hard liquor. Of course, Christmas isn’t

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Find Your Flow

Finding Your Flow Since I began my business supporting those who support young people, through mentoring, training and writing, I have come across many people very unhappy in their job. Not always because of the specific job they do, but more usually because of the pressure being placed on them. Sometimes that’s from other people,

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New Beginnings

New Beginnings It’s the night before the beginning of the new school year and I can’t sleep. September has always felt more like the beginning of a new year for me than January, I guess it has to do with working in and around education for most of my working life. But it’s also to

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