Jenni Osborn

For World Teacher's Day

Here’s to those who taught me and my friends when we were much younger than we are today

Here’s to those who opened my eyes to truth and beauty when I was small and when I was much bigger

Here’s to those who taught me how to teach, those in whom I saw a wealth of talent and skill that I still hold up as amazing examples of holding the attention of 30ish teenagers for a whole hour

Here’s to those whose teaching goes completely unappreciated

Here’s to those who stay at school long after the pupils have gone home to plan and mark work

Here’s to those whose trips to Hobbycraft/supermarkets/The Works become an exercise in finding new teaching materials

Here’s to those who take on responsibility, not only being in charge of our children but also for ensuring what they teach is relevant, engaging and useful

Here’s to those who support teaching in the classroom and outside it

Here’s to those who teach my own children each and every day, their knowledge and skills are down to your nurture and direction and I thank you for that.

First published in 2016 on a previous blog… 

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