Jenni Osborn

Mental Health

Find Your Flow

Finding Your Flow Since I began my business supporting those who support young people, through mentoring, training and writing, I have come across many people very unhappy in their job. Not always because of the specific job they do, but more usually because of the pressure being placed on them. Sometimes that’s from other people, …

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Ending Loneliness

Ending Loneliness I’ve read a lot about loneliness and the impact it has on people, about the toxicity of individualism and a success driven society, especially where that success is defined by the accumulation of wealth, stuff, followers or influence. This year we have seen much of this life disrupted as we deal with the …

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Sanctuary and Sabbath – youth work in 2020

Sanctuary and Sabbath – youth work in 2020 It may feel like a cliché but it’s pretty clear that in the years to come historians will study this time we are living in now to see how different countries and communities responded to the various concerns that are currently making waves: Covid-19; the responses of …

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