Jenni Osborn

Celebrating in the Dark

Celebrating in the Dark I see a lot of posts at this time of year from many people talking about not celebrating darkness, but the light. It refers of course to Halloween and the slightly uneasy relationship many Christians seem to have with this festival, despite it having Christian roots.  There seems to be an […]

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Find Your Flow

Finding Your Flow Since I began my business supporting those who support young people, through mentoring, training and writing, I have come across many people very unhappy in their job. Not always because of the specific job they do, but more usually because of the pressure being placed on them. Sometimes that’s from other people,

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Reflections I like to think of myself as a positive person; I have a relentlessly optimistic outlook that can be wearing at times! Every now and then though, I find myself reacting with cynicism, and a passing glance at an email ‘highlight’ this week about the participation of young people in worship has got my

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Sidewalk, Scarborough

Sidewalk, Scarborough This week’s podcast, which you can listen to on Apple, Spotify or Anchor, is a conversation with Steve Blower from Sidewalk in Scarborough. I first talked to Steve back in November, he was one of the first people I talked to as I began writing From Isolation to Community, wanting to capture their

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